Payday with Goddess Rapture

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It’s Friday, and Goddess Rapture employee is expecting to be paid. When he’s told that she doesn’t have hsi check, he is not happy. Rapture tells him to relax and lie down on the floor. She lets him know she’s seen the way he always stares at her feet, and that this week instead of paying him with money, she’s going to pay him with her feet.

She rests her shoes on his chest so they are touching his face, and tells him to start licking them. Rapture makes him clean the bottoms, sides, and heel, making sure he doesn’t miss a spot. These shoes are foot smell years old, and it takes him a minute to get all them clean.

She then removes them and smothers his face with her socks. Her size 9 feet completely cover his face, and Rapture makes him breathe them deeply. She makes him lick and gag on them, and has him worship them before sending him home for the weekend.

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