Gag on Her Gym Feet – Goddess Rapture

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Goddess Rapture can never go to the gym without some weird creepy guy harassing her. Today is no different, except instead of gawking at her tits or ass, he keeps staring at her feet. Tired of him staring, Rapture pulls him off to a private nook in the gym.

She tells him to sit on the floor in front of the bench she’s sitting on, and calls him out for creeping on her feet. Before he can explain himself, Rapture takes her large size 9 feet which still have her Air Maxes on, and presses them hard against his face. There is a wall behind his head, and the creep is not able to go anywhere. Rapture makes him lick the bottoms of them and shoves them in his mouth to gag him.

More punishment is needed, and Rapture takes off her Air Maxes revealing her thick white sweaty socks. Her feet cover his entire face, and Rapture presses them against his face. She makes him get a good whiff of them, then starts foot gagging him. The creep’s mouth stretches uncomfortably as Rapture tries to cram her entire foot into his mouth. She laughs each time he gags, and gives him quick breaks by making him lick or smell her feet. With her point made, Rapture gathers her shoes and leaves him seated on the floor by himself.

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