Enjoy My Cum Boots and Socks

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Goddess Rapture just got home from a boot domination and sock smelling session. Her client paid extra and was allowed to cum on her boots and socks, but because Rapture was in a hurry to make it to her next session, she didn’t get to clean her boots or socks off. When she arrives at home, she finds her BF laying on the couch. He asks what took so long so she decides to show him.

Rapture stands above him and steps onto his face. The hard soles boot hurt is Rapture puts her weight on them. She makes him lick all the dried cum off of them, then has him suck on her heels. With the boots now cum-free, Rapture sits down on his stomach.

She makes him give the boots one last cleaning, then takes them off, puts them over his face, and makes him inhale them.When her BF tells her he doesn’t want to clean her socks, Rapture is quick to duct tape his mouth shut. Now unable to clean her sweaty cum socks, Rapture decides to smother him with them. She places them on his face, completely covering them with her big size 9 feet. Rapture makes him inhale them until they are dry, then leaves him on the couch and goes to her next session.

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